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How I turned from a couch potato into a fitness freak


When I look back to my childhood PE lessons never belonged to my favourite subjects at school. As a girl I was very clumsy and always one of the last members the other kids chose to be in their team. This was very frustrating and bad for my self confidence 🙁
Due to an injured elbow, I was also scared of many exercises.

Additionaly I have to admit that I’ve been a real couch potatoe during my adolescence, who never said  no to a nice hamburger 🙂

At this point in my life I had no clue about a healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately  I have always been skinny, but I have never felt 100 percent comfortable in my own body. This is why I started several tries to become fit during my years at university – doing sit ups, trying pilates, zumba,… But guess what! All of them failed, because after a while I always got back to my old lazy routine (hello couch potatoe or sometimes “party hard”).

I don’t know exactly why, but the requirement from my university to run 2k in a certain time changed everything!

Suddenly i had a goal! I was motivated and started to go running frequently. I got better and started feeling a sense of achievement.
I wanted more and subscribed myself for the quarter marathon in linz. Two months later I finished it in about an hour. YAY 🙂

Since then I never stopped running or doing sports. Physical activity (at the moment mostly strength training) now is an important part of my life, which I don’t want to give up anymore because it contributes to a happy lifestyle.

What about you? Have you always been exercising or did you have some lazy periods in your life too?

yours Susi <3


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