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Addiction to addiction – My way to a healthier lifestyle


Addiction to addiction – My way to a healthier lifestyle

The only sport which has always played a major role in my life is tennis. As a little boy I was standing at the center court to swing my racket.

Of  course I had short periods in my puberty, in which I was motivated to run 3 times a week, but unfortunately they never lasted longer than 3 months. Probably no isolated case :)

After my training as an optician I started  to attend night school to make good for A-Level exam. I had to work till 6pm every day, 2 times a week I attended the course. My free evenings I spent in my learning facility. Indispensable was the up to the filter back burnt cigarette in my mouth, while I was learning.

After the last passed examination I decided to stop smoking.

This was the best decision ever. As soon as I felt the craving for a cigarette i went for a run. And this happend very often :) I searched the distraction in the sport. My father is an eager runner, so we often trained together.

My aim was to run a half marathon. After 6 months of training i achieved the aim after 1h 39 min.


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