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Don´t give up


If you plant something in your mind, you can´t impatient for – and this is not different with the sport. For example you want to slim or to form your muscels – the spontaneous motivation to achieve something gives us the feeling to be able to move mountains.

Unfortunately, it looks completely different on the next days or weeks . “Motivation where are you?”


Motivation - keine Ausreden

“Not today, it could start raining”
It is human to go the easiest way, however, you must try to conquer your weaker self . For me it isn´t  different. I often think: “It would be nice to lay on the couch. . . ” or “should I train today or better tomorrow?” But if you overcome yourself, endorphines will spread. And after the training you feel like a new man or woman. Exactly this feeling you always have to keep in mind.


Often people quit very soon, because they don´t see any results. You shouldn´t have too high expectations. From daily 10 push-ups the biceps will not grow or after 3 runs you are not able to finish a marathon. Give your body some time to get used to the new charges. Only continuous Training leeds to progress.

attitude to life

Only by daily routine the sport become part of your life. It takes a long time  to gain muscles and endurance, but you quickly loose your gains, if you stop your training. 


The best idea is to start your training immediately after work.
Set appointments at the beginning of your week, then you have no excuses.
Remember the feeling after your workout.
Be proud of yourself and don´t give up!



4 thoughts on “Don´t give up

  1. Philipp

    Ich verfolge seit Kurzem euren Blog und werde auch bereits zum Fan eurer Seite.

    Disziplin und Motivation sind wie hier beschreiben 2 sehr wichtige Themen.
    Sobald man den Schweinehund überwunden hat, ist es natürlich sehr motivierend sobald einige Kilos fallen. Dann kommt die Motivation von ganz alleine.

    Wichtig ist dann die Disziplin um das Gewicht auch halten zu können.
    Dies geht meiner Meinung nach nur mit der Lebenseinstellung wie oben beschrieben. Wenn man diese nachhaltig ändert, schafft man es auch den Jo-Jo Effekt zu überlisten.

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