How to start strength training/running


Hello there! 🙂

In the following text you can find 5 tips for beginners 😉

1. Set yourself goals

When you want to reach something it’s important to set yourself precise goals.
Here are some examples:

  • I want to do a certain amount of push ups. (At the beginning I wasn’t able to do a single one. Back then my goal was to achieve one push up ;))
  • I want to do a pull up.
  • I want to run for 20 minutes (or more) without having a break.

As soon as you have reached your goal it’s important not to rest on your laurels, but keep on working and looking for new aims.
Your body is getting used to movement patterns very quickly and always needs new stimuli to improve it’s performance.

2. Don’t overdo it!

According to my experiences many beginners want too much at once which often leads to frustration.
At the beginning you don’t have to go to the gym every day.  If you haven’t done any sports before it’s totally ok to workout 2-3 times a week. It’s important that your body can get used to the new demands and has enough time for recovery.

3. Sign in for a public run or a membership in a fitness centre

Especially for me liability was quite helpful to visit the gym regularly at the beginning .

4. Try to integrate sport into your daily routine

If you manage to go to the gym or for a run regularly (e.g. after work) it’s soon gonna be a routine that you don’t want to miss out in your life anymore.

5. Train together


No motivation? Maybe your friend or partner is highly motivated and stops you from skipping your training.

Sharing a topic of conversation: It’s great to share your experiences with your friend or partner 🙂

Competition: May sound negative, but in a moderate way it can be quite helpful.  Maybe you don’t want to get outpaced by your friend at the next 10k run? Automatically you start training harder.

Motivating words like a simple: “You can do it” can sometimes work wonders.

talk to you soon,

yours Susi 🙂




5 thoughts on “How to start strength training/running

  1. Patrick

    Ja so ist es richtig, nur nicht mit den Zielen übertreiben und sich zu hohe Ziele zu stecken……..und natürlich auch auf die Regeneration achten 🙂 sehr wichtig im Fitness……den der Muskel wächst erst richtig , in der Erholungsphase 🙂

    Super immer dran bleiben :=)


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