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Hello there!

About a year ago my workout routine was totally different then now. Mostly I went running – about 4-5 times a week. At this time I also was member at a gym, but mainly used it for more Cardio – treadmill running, using the cross trainer and cycling.
Somehow I’ve become addicted to Cardio workouts … (but more about this in another post 😉 )

After I succesfully finished the relay run in Linz (together with Christoph and a friendly couple), for which I trained very hard  last year I decided to start strength training.

Now my main focus is on lifting weights and body weight exercises. I also go running and do some yoga.


I’m plannig to do some more outdoor sports like running, cykling and hiking in spring and summer to diversify my training.

But today I want to give you an insight into my actual training routine:

Strength training

My current training schedule:

day one: legs and shoulders
day two: chest and triceps
day three: back and biceps

My training never lasts longer than one hour 😉
Every now and then I add some ab exercises at the end of a workout.


At the moment I’m going for a 6 or 7k run once or twice a week.
My pace is not as good as it has been before, but actually I don’t really care because I’m not aiming a certain goal and running “just” means relaxation time for me 😉


Currently I’m visisting a weekly Yoga lesson for the first time in my life.

Since now I really like it. Especially i love the relaxing effect (I have to be careful not to fall asleep at the end 😉 ).
Also streching (which I tend to neglect) finally finds place in my workout routine.

What about you? Have you already found your workout routine?




3 thoughts on “My actual training routine

  1. running@beer

    Hallo Läufer!
    Wie schafft ihr eine Halbmarathonzeit unter 1:40 über 50 (Alter) bei einem Körpergewicht von mindestens 85 kg. Am Vorabend und allen anderen Tagen Salami- oder Speckjauserl und (mindestens) 2 Halbe Bier, eine Rippe 80% Schokolade, 1 Stamperl (4 cl) Pramauer Zwetschke und 6 Stück Egger Sportgummi.
    Nachmachen und gewinnen .( Erfahrung )

    Ajo …. und 5 Trainingseinheiten pro Woche ( 50 bis 70 km)

    Tipp von running@beer ( deutsch: überlaufendes Bier )

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