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My way to the strength sport



here my story, which moved me to start with the strentgh sport. I was an eager sportsmen and fresh non-smoker. You must know that I had only 67kg, but i´m 1m87cm tall. I couldn´t hear anymore how thin I look. So I decided to start with the strength sport to increase.

I owned neither dumbbells or dumbbells discs. So I started to do some strength practise only with my own weight.

My first training plan

knee bends 3 x 10

push-ups  5 x 5

push-ups on knees 3 x 10

negative push-ups 5 x 5

Dips  3 x 10

Crunches 2x 20

Situps 2 x 20

Between the sets I made 90 seconds and after my practise 3 mintues of break. If I reached my number, I tried to raise it with the next training. Sometimes also for only one repetition 😉

For my motivation I´ve downloaded a six pack and push-up app from runtastic.

I sticked my training program out for 6 weeks, then I wanted to change it.  I absolutely would have dumbbells, dumbbells discs and a strength bank.

Still unsuspectingly I searched on the Internet for different training plans. Which muscle group should I train?How does the right training plan look like?  I found many great exercises on hanteltraining. me and uebungen. ws.

During the next weeks I changed  every training the exercises, set breaks and the number of repetitions.

The Internet was very helpful on the one hand, on the other it made me insecure. I always had the feeling that i trainined not 100% correct, because everyone has a different opinion. But luckily several ways lead, as everybody knows, to Rome 🙂









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